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Sweet little Yorkie Rilo has lots of love to give. Here he is cuddling and petting his human Ricky… so much love from this little guy!

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Lazy Vizsla Oscar’s adorable reaction to the alarm going off in the morning. Seems Oscar doesn’t like getting up in the morning any more than we do!

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A man gets down on the floor to play with a little Shih Tzu puppy and it’s the cutest thing you’ll see all day! The puppy is so adorable and playful it will make you smile from ear to ear!!!

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One of the cutest kitty hugsever! Franzie the kitty asks his daddy for a hug and stretches up for it! Just way too cute not to share!
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This two-year-old giant Tibetan Mastiff, named Simba, is tame and friendly with his little owner Weiwei and the two love playing together. This video shows sweet little Weiwei singing and cuddling with her very tolerant and gentle friend Simba!

Video credit: Facebook/Lin Zhihong

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A very cute compilation video of  Pugs being hilarious and adorable trying to scare off watermelons, toys, vacuum cleaners, brooms and other enemies by barking at them!

Submitted by Vladimir S

Blanky the French Bulldog is so sweet trying to get his tennis ball that is frustratingly just out of reach on the couch. Can somebody please help me get my ball???? Please?

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