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Please watch and share this touching and inspirational video Born in Freedom, the story of puppy mill survivor Matilda and her 6 puppies who were born into freedom! We are pleased to report that Matilda and all her puppies have found their forever homes! milldogrescue
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Three week old piglet Pigalina has claimed 4 year old Pitbull rescue dog Levi as her best friend! The playful interaction was captured by owner Melissa Susko at her PIGS Animal Sanctuary in West Virginia. After being rejected by her litter, Pigalina will now live among the other animals on Melissa’s farm!
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In one of the cutest moments I’ve ever seen, 8 week old Pitbull puppy Clyde crawls up and snuggles with 10 week old baby Eisleigh! Their mom Brandi says that the two absolutely adore one another!

Visit more of these two adorable babies on instagram brandileigh080

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After working in Slovenia and not seeing her dog for two years, a woman is greeted with such overwhelming love and joy from her little Schnauzer. The dog gets so excited to see her that she even passes out for a brief moment!

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Lady and Squirt are good friends, but sometimes Lady the Dalmatian can’t take too much of Squirt’s feisty nature! Watch what she does to calm the situation!

English Bulldog puppy Marshall is having a temper tantrum over wearing his new sweater. The rolls, the sweater, the cuteness is just too much to handle!!!

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What is it with yoga and pets? Why do the try interrupt us every time we try and do downward dog? Here are some adorable cats and dogs that don’t want to be left out while their humans are doing yoga!

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When Charlie the Beagle takes any of baby Laura’s toys, he always gives them back. All her toys are kept in a basket and Charlie loves to open it and bring them to her!

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What is it about shoes that dogs love so much? Whether it’s running shoes, slippers or thongs, these dogs and puppies seem to be having a great time chewing them up and playing with them!!

Submitted by Vladimir S

What Lilica the dog does every night is incredibly special and brought tears to my eyes!
Lilica would walk four miles, close to animal lover and teacher Lucia’s home, where she would sniff through the garbage bins. Thinking at first that she was homeless, Lucia called out to Lilica and offered her some food.
For three years now, Lucia follows a daily routine where she prepares a bag of food and leaves home to meet Lilica in an empty lot at exactly 9 p.m. Lilica comes, eats her fill and then Lucia ties the bag for Lilica to take back home for the rest of her animal friends to share.

95 lb. Pitbull Manny and 10 week old playful kitten Petri say hello! Can you believe this sweet, gentle Pitbull has to be muzzled and walked using a metal chain as his leash?????

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This adorable, not quite 2-year-old Bullmastiff is pretty stubborn, spoiled and too lazy to jump up on to the bed himself. He insists his human lifts him up and doesn’t stop talking until he gets his way!!!

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When sweet dog Woody’s owner died, he was left behind and living on the streets for a whole year! Watch in this touching video what happens next! Please share!

To adopt Woody or to make a small donation visit HopeForPaws