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Charlie the Beagle loves his baby sister Laura very much. When Charlie got a bag of bright colorful balls he wanted to surprise his sister by dropping them one by one into her crib. Watch the sweet delight on baby Laura’s face as she is surrounded by all her gifts!

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Tessa, a blind dog that couldn’t stand or walk, was abandoned at a shelter by her owners. Hours before she was scheduled to be euthanized, Annie Hart from the Bill Foundation went to see her. Not knowing if her condition was treatable, they still decided to try and help this sweet girl. Watch the beautiful transformation of Tessa and how she overcame all by her courage and the power of love, a reminder to us all never to give up.

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Cute French Bulldogs Eric & Patsy share some of their best moments from the last year! There are many more exciting adventures from these two on the way!

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Two Vizslas are so worried and concerned when their dad goes underwater in the pool that Tucker jumps in after him to make sure he is okay. So sweet!
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