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Meet Casey. Casey is a 12-year-old rotund sausage pitbull terrier who loves to cuddle and eat fried eggs. She is terrified of thunder (and will hide in the bathtub every time it storms), a prolific cat-kisser (the cat kisses back), and the best co-pilot a driver could ask for. She smiles with her teeth when someone comes home, and is head-over-butts about her human boy, Boone. She whines constantly when he isn’t there to massage her “27-pound head” (which she sets in everyone’s lap when she wants attention.) She’s gone through a lot in her life; the death of her two companion-dogs, a double-molar extraction that had her pooping in the car from anesthetics, and a recent healthy-weight regimen that had her toddling along to a manageable 60 lbs. But nothing compares to what she’s going through now.

Sunday morning, Casey woke up puking and lethargic. She wouldn’t wag her tail or whimper for any reason - even when Boone was gone. She laid in her bed and refused to eat more than a bite or two at a time. Everyone was worried. A vet appointment was set up for the next day.

Monday came and she appeared a little bit perkier - but collapsed on her way to the car. The vet confirmed the seriousness of her condition; she would have to be transferred to the animal hospital’s ICU for an emergency blood transfusion. Her platelets score was 16. It should have at least been 30. She is suffering severe acute anemia and the cause is still unknown.

Our only option was to leave her overnight for testing and the emergency transfusion. We have paid $2,176.49 out-of-pocket to cover the first set of medical expenses, but can’t afford very much more than that. Any additional nights in the ICU will cost anywhere between $400-$650, not including potential x-rays or ultrasounds. We’re very, very worried about her. She is a good dog who deserves absolutely everything we can provide for her. If you have anything to spare, we would be extraordinarily grateful. You can donate here:

I will keep this post updated on her condition. Hopefully we’ll have some answers by morning.

EDIT: 07/24/2012, 9:23am

We’ve gotten a call from the hospital. The transfusion went well and bumped her platelets score to 22; but it has since dropped to 19. It’s been confirmed that her immune system is attacking her blood cells. They have her on an immunity suppressant and are waiting to see how the medication affects her. It’s likely she won’t be able to go home today. Right now we owe about $400 for last night alone. We’ll be going in to visit her later today. I will take pictures!

Thank you to everyone who has donated and reblogged so far! We’ve raised $35 since last night, and every bit of it will be helpful. If you’ve donated, you can send me your email address and request a drawing or similar from me. It’s the least I can do!