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For those of you who haven’t seen this viral video with over 70 million views yet, Chica the dog and her human played a prank on some people by dressing the dog up as a giant mutant spider and scaring several unsuspecting people throughout the night. I got a good laugh out of it, hope you will too!

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Jethro the dog was the ring bearer for his human’s wedding. During the photo shoot, while everyone else was trying to pose for the photo, Jethro preferred to roll around and be goofy instead! You definitely stole the show on this one Jethro!!

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This is toooooo funny. A little girl is told to smile real big and say cheese for the camera and you wouldn’t believe what this dog does next! Sure to put a smile on your own face :)

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A very cute compilation video of  Pugs being hilarious and adorable trying to scare off watermelons, toys, vacuum cleaners, brooms and other enemies by barking at them!

Submitted by Vladimir S