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Watch this incredible act of bravery and selflessness as the man jumps in the water to risk his own life to save the dog!

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This woman waits until her dog is asleep and then quietly rolls out her mat to do yoga and then this happens…… every time!!! It’s pretty funny, hope you enjoy it!

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This is a great video of a horse and dog playing together. Lucy a very special 2 year old mixed Portuguese Water Dog and Whiskey Brown getting frisky in the back pasture. The horse is one of a kind, 4 year old Quarter Horse stallion. These two animals were raised together with unconditional love and kindness. Whiskey Brown and Lucy are quite a pair to watch.

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Surf dog Ricochet, the SURFice dog! is an internationally renowned, award-winning surf dog who is the only dog in the world that surfs with special needs kids and people with disabilities. She has recently been credited with saving the life of retired Staff Sergeant Randall Dexter who suffers PTSD and a traumatic brain injury TBI. Click here to watch this great video of how Ricochet is helping Randy and how the two have teamed up to help others with PTSD!!!