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Introducing Boo The Cutest Pomeranian in the World

Meet Boo The Pomeranian, The Cutest Dog

According to Boo, “if i stare long enough, usually someone will pick me up. it’s all about speaking through eye contact.”

If you were ever fooled into thinking that something real looks exactly like a cute plushy toy, then you have probably met Boo the cutest dog in the world. If you have not met him yet, then let me introduce to you the most adorable Pomeranian. He is 5 years old, has a brother Buddy, loves watching the Chicago Cubs and his name is Boo.

You just have to take one look at this cute little guy and you will instantly understand why he the most popular dog on facebook. Boo will bring an instant smile to your face all the time.

This Pomeranian is one tough city puppy
This Pomeranian is one tough city puppy

All About Boo’s Favorite Things

Favorite foods: chicken, cheese, flowers, grass, and dirt

Favorite games: running outside, following around big bro and squeaky toys

Favorite pastime: wearing shirts and crawling into shelves around the house and hiding

Favorite colour: pink

Favorite TV Personality: Oprah

Favorite Dog Bed: doughnut

Favorite Dog: Buddy his Brother

Boo the Cutest Dog is a sports fan

Boo and Brother Buddy

Boo the Pomeranian Coolest dog on Facebook

Characteristics Of The Pomeranian Breed

Pomeranian’s are typically a friendly and lively breed. According to the American Kennel Club the Pomeranian has been among the more popular dog breeds in the United States, consistently in the top 15 of registered AKC breeds over the last 10 years. The trendy look of this dog, with its thick fur, fluffy ruff, small muzzle and ears is why is continues to be popular. The most common Pomeranian colors are orange, black, or cream/white. Boo is an orange Pom.

Boo Turns 5 Years Old

When Boo turned 5 -years-old he was hoping to raise $5,000 for Official Operation Smile, an organization that Boo and his family have loved for a long long time. You can find out how Boo did and read about what they do at this link http://www.operationsmile.com/boo

For my 5th birthday I was hoping to raise $5,000 for Official Operation Smile

Boo all dressed up on Halloween

Halloween Boo

Just look how adorable Boo is all dressed up for Halloween. If Boo came trick or treating to your door as a pumpkin what treat would you give him?

Boo And Buddy

Boo has a brother named Buddy and even though he wears his hair longer, he is a Pomeranian as well. Boo and Buddy love to spend time together, they especially enjoy watching the Chicago Cubs and lazy Saturday mornings together. They truly love each other and even enjoy being pillows for one another.

Buddy and Boo

boo nice and cuddly for the cold days

Cutest Dog On CNN

On January 2, 2011 Boo was featured on CNN, praising him as a huge internet celebrity who is famous for dressing up, a lover of pink along with other cute Boo facts. Phil Han, one of the many producers for the station points out that even though Boo does not have any special tricks or do anything fancy he is still known as the cutest dog in the world by so many people.

Celebrities Love Boo

Even Khloe Kardashian is buzzing on the internet about how in love she is with Boo. She blogged to the world about her love for him, and said that once you see him you will see why it is almost contagious to share his cuteness with the world.

Boo helps raise money for Free the Children

Boo Gives Back

In December Boo posted a picture of himself with a sign to help ‘Free the Children’ raise $1,000,000 for their programs that empower young people to help children and communities in the developing world. Their sponsors are donating $1 for every ‘like’ on their WeDay page. To help them reach their goal http://www.facebook.com/weday

Boo A Pomeranian Obsession

With his ever adorable face, cute smile and videos that will have you smiling non stop, it’s no wonder Boo has become the most lovable dog on the planet. If you ever need a smile or a giggle or just need your Boo fix for the day be sure to check out his latest tricks. Whether he is doing his cardio workout, lounging around, waiting for a belly rub, this is one Pomeranian that has the world swooning for more!

Boo Not Very Happy about the cold winter
Boo not very happy about the cold winter

About Boo The Breed

If you are thinking about getting a dog like Boo, make sure you get informed and read a great deal about the breed before hand. It may be wise to get yourself a Pomeranian guide book. It can help you understand how to find a good Pomeranian breeder, Pom proof you home, understand the needs of this breed, traveling with him and how to keep him well groomed.

The Cutest Pomeranian
Based on a story by wavegirl22 from hubpages


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