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Looks like Bruce Wayne, an adorable Great Dane, really wants to go outside and play with a puppy that he sees. Watch as he sulks in the cutest way by the window.

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Bullmastiff Millie loves helping around the house. In this video, watch how eagerly she helps bring shopping bags from the car to the house. She is so pleased with herself for being able to help her humans!

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Riveille is the official mascot for Texas A&M University and the dog comes with her own body guard.

When a Mustangs receiver came flying right at the doggie during a play, Texas A&M sophomore Ryan Kreider said he did what any mascot corporal should do in such a situation: He protected his mascot.

Kreider put his body in front of the nationally-adored mascot, Reveille, in order to block her from getting hit. Good job corporal!!!